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Pam Pelham joins launch of new leadership group in Oldham - 08/01/2010
Launch of the Oldham Business Leadership Group

A group of Oldham businesses recently held a series of meetings to discuss ways in which the local economic environment could be improved. This has now led to the formal launch of the Oldham Business Leadership Group (OBLG) – a 14-member body of local business owners who are giving their own free time to advise Oldham Council and local regeneration body Oldham Partnership on economic policy matters.

“The economic wellbeing of the Borough is the responsibility of many different groups and organisations,” said Oldham Council's chief executive, Charlie Parker, pictured above, right. “To ensure that the policies that are made are in the best interests of all sectors it is vital that we get the views of everyone who can provide useful advice and information.”

The group will be chaired by Dave Benstead, pictured above, left, who said: “Oldham has some very successful business people with a great deal of experience who can make a significant contribution to the policies that will help secure a prosperous future.”

Pam Pelham, managing director of AMP Wire added: “I am really proud to be part of OBLG; I am passionate about developing my own successful business in Oldham and hope to share my experience in order to help others do the same.”

The group members are:-

  • Dave Benstead, director Diodes Semiconductors;
  • William Lees-Jones, group managing director of JW Lees & Co Brewery;
  • Ken Collett, manufacturing director of Royton-based Money Controls Plc;
  • Pam Pelham, managing director of AMP Wire;
  • Peter Greenhalgh managing director of DCT Civil Engineering Ltd;
  • Gavin Wheeldon, chief executive of Applied Language Solutions;
  • Mike Braddock, managing director of Secure Options Group;
  • Phil Wiggett managing director of Wiggett Group;
  • Nigel Newton, managing director of Clarke Telecom;
  • Jeremy Broadbent, chief executive officer of The Johnson Group;
  • Lee Crook, Nat West, director of business and commercial banking ;
  • Mike Lindley strategic director of Madeleine Lindley Ltd;
  • Nick McGilvray, managing director of Thorpe Whyman and Briggs Architects
  • Michael Bennett, managing director of Pelican Public Relations.