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Bespoke Wire Hot Water Pipe Guards

wire mesh pipe guard

Plastic coated wire mesh heating pipe guards offer protection for central heating and other hot water pipes; particularly useful in locations where elderly or young people are present. Our pipe guards are often used alongside our wire mesh radiator guards to offer complete protection.

Mesh pipe guards are extremely important where the safety and protection of vunerable people is a concern; avoiding contact and therefore burns from hot radiators and hot water pipes.

AMP Wire manufacture all our wire mesh pipe guards to order to fit your pipes in a choice of two different standard designs:

  • 'U' shape; mesh pipe guard wraps around three sides of the pipe, afixed to a flat wall or floor
  • 'L' shape; mesh pipe guard covers two sides (as shown above), afixed into a junction of a wall and floor
  • Fixings: 'U' clips are designed to be positioned anywhere along the length to secure the mesh pipe guard in place. They slip over the wire mesh and enable you to screw the pipe guard to the wall, closing the clip at the same time as making the pipe guard secure.


mesh pipe guard fixing in place mesh pipe guard fixing clip

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Bespoke AMP wire mesh Hot Water Pipe Guards

AMP Wire manufacture all wire mesh pipe guards themselves and have a team of qualified engineers, professionals and apprentices able to work with you to measure, design, manufacture and install the most practical, cost effective wire mesh radiator, heater and pipe guards for your specific application.

For special sizes or bespoke designs, please contact us on 0161 620 7250.

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